Baked BBQ Rib Dinner

So Im kinda on a bbq kick right now. After making my BBQ baked Chicken meal I was inspired to keep it up and make ribs for dinner. At my house it is snowing and too cold for me to want to bust out the grill so I slow cook them in the oven and they still… Continue reading Baked BBQ Rib Dinner

Hash brown breakfast bake

Breakfast is delicious. I love eating breakfast in the morning, afternoon, and even night time. So does my husband so making a breakfast casserole is something that can please a crowd when we have guests or just appease my hubbys craving for all things breakfasty for a few days. This is a recipe you can… Continue reading Hash brown breakfast bake

Surf and Turf- romantic dinner for two

Happy Valentines Day!!! This year we decided to stay home and have me cook dinner for the two of us. It was wonderful, we staying in our pajamas all day, played video games together, talked, and enjoyed a great meal in our dining room. There were no lines or outrageous bills to pay for, no… Continue reading Surf and Turf- romantic dinner for two