Linguini aglio e olio

I love pasta, can’t ya tell?! The other night we were kinda doing a fend for yourself night and I still wanted some good eats. I was craving pasta. I was craving garlic. I was craving Italy. So I decided to give the ole spaghetti agilo e olio a try. Basically its pasta, usually spaghetti… Continue reading Linguini aglio e olio

Chicken Meatball Pasta

Hello Friends!!!! Its been awhile. So much has gone on in the few months since Ive been on here. We moved states and started new careers so Ive been kinda preoccupied with life in general. I realized I needed to get back to sharing some delicious eats with you now! While life was happening and… Continue reading Chicken Meatball Pasta

Mrs. H’s Homemade Spaghetti with meat sauce (with pressure canning instructions)

Hubby and I love Italian food, which is probably because we are Italian haha. When people think of Italian food the first thing that most people think of is spaghetti. In my house we love spaghetti, but we are spoiled. In my house I cannot bear to serve my family store bought sauce especially when… Continue reading Mrs. H’s Homemade Spaghetti with meat sauce (with pressure canning instructions)

Homemade Pasta Carbonara

Homemade pasta carbonara… OMG. If you don’t like pasta carbonara its because. A.) you’ve never had it or B.) you’ve never had it made right!! Its a delicious blend of pasta, pancetta or some use bacon, cheese, egg, and love. Its such a simple pasta dish but it needs to be done correctly or disaster… Continue reading Homemade Pasta Carbonara

Hubby’s favorite pasta “orange” sauce

Hubby loves pasta. I love pasta. Tonight felt like a pasta night. Unfortunately I was rushing dinner tonight and instead of making homemade ravioli like I would normally do, I picked up some from the store. That was a mistake as my hubby is spoiled and as he puts it, “nothing store bought compares to… Continue reading Hubby’s favorite pasta “orange” sauce

Homemade pasta

So here is my first post that actually has a recipe included!! What may you ask am I making? PASTA!!! Everyone loves pasta. whats better than making your favorite pasta dish? Making it with FRESH HOMEMADE pasta!!!! The taste is better, the texture is better, everything about pasta… just better! Heres what your going to… Continue reading Homemade pasta