Baked BBQ Rib Dinner

So Im kinda on a bbq kick right now. After making my BBQ baked Chicken meal I was inspired to keep it up and make ribs for dinner. At my house it is snowing and too cold for me to want to bust out the grill so I slow cook them in the oven and they still… Continue reading Baked BBQ Rib Dinner

Air Fryer Bacon Jalapeño Bombs

Oh man, has it been awhile since I last posted a recipe on here! In the time that has passed I have moved states, bought a house, and gave birth to a tiny human! While all of this has happened I have kept up cooking but have completely dropped the ball on posting. That changes… Continue reading Air Fryer Bacon Jalapeño Bombs

Linguini aglio e olio

I love pasta, can’t ya tell?! The other night we were kinda doing a fend for yourself night and I still wanted some good eats. I was craving pasta. I was craving garlic. I was craving Italy. So I decided to give the ole spaghetti agilo e olio a try. Basically its pasta, usually spaghetti… Continue reading Linguini aglio e olio

Steak and Guinness Pie

Pie… Cakes delicious cousin that can be sweet or savory. There are so many pies out there with one beautiful thing that they all have in common, a beautiful flaky crust! This dish is loosely based off the chicken pot pie concept because of the fact it is a pie, there is meat inside it, there… Continue reading Steak and Guinness Pie

Chicken Meatball Pasta

Hello Friends!!!! Its been awhile. So much has gone on in the few months since Ive been on here. We moved states and started new careers so Ive been kinda preoccupied with life in general. I realized I needed to get back to sharing some delicious eats with you now! While life was happening and… Continue reading Chicken Meatball Pasta

Hash brown breakfast bake

Breakfast is delicious. I love eating breakfast in the morning, afternoon, and even night time. So does my husband so making a breakfast casserole is something that can please a crowd when we have guests or just appease my hubbys craving for all things breakfasty for a few days. This is a recipe you can… Continue reading Hash brown breakfast bake