Air Fryer Bacon Jalapeño Bombs

Oh man, has it been awhile since I last posted a recipe on here! In the time that has passed I have moved states, bought a house, and gave birth to a tiny human! While all of this has happened I have kept up cooking but have completely dropped the ball on posting. That changes… Continue reading Air Fryer Bacon Jalapeño Bombs

Hash brown breakfast bake

Breakfast is delicious. I love eating breakfast in the morning, afternoon, and even night time. So does my husband so making a breakfast casserole is something that can please a crowd when we have guests or just appease my hubbys craving for all things breakfasty for a few days. This is a recipe you can… Continue reading Hash brown breakfast bake

Homemade Pasta Carbonara

Homemade pasta carbonara… OMG. If you don’t like pasta carbonara its because. A.) you’ve never had it or B.) you’ve never had it made right!! Its a delicious blend of pasta, pancetta or some use bacon, cheese, egg, and love. Its such a simple pasta dish but it needs to be done correctly or disaster… Continue reading Homemade Pasta Carbonara