Hash brown breakfast bake

Breakfast is delicious. I love eating breakfast in the morning, afternoon, and even night time. So does my husband so making a breakfast casserole is something that can please a crowd when we have guests or just appease my hubbys craving for all things breakfasty for a few days. This is a recipe you can… Continue reading Hash brown breakfast bake

Surf and Turf- romantic dinner for two

Happy Valentines Day!!! This year we decided to stay home and have me cook dinner for the two of us. It was wonderful, we staying in our pajamas all day, played video games together, talked, and enjoyed a great meal in our dining room. There were no lines or outrageous bills to pay for, no… Continue reading Surf and Turf- romantic dinner for two

The Ridiculous Rueben

So I made this sandwich the other day and just haven’t had time to post it so here it is lol! Once upon a time, there was a husband who loved rueben sandwiches. He would order them where ever he went but was always disappointed in the restaurants version due to either too much meat… Continue reading The Ridiculous Rueben

homemade pizza

The other day when I made spaghetti sauce, Hubby came home and thought we were having pizza that night. He was so excited then I told him I wasn’t making pizza. He got sad, then realized I was making homemade spaghetti and got excited again. I decided to make that pizza he had wanted so… Continue reading homemade pizza

Mrs. H’s Homemade Spaghetti with meat sauce (with pressure canning instructions)

Hubby and I love Italian food, which is probably because we are Italian haha. When people think of Italian food the first thing that most people think of is spaghetti. In my house we love spaghetti, but we are spoiled. In my house I cannot bear to serve my family store bought sauce especially when… Continue reading Mrs. H’s Homemade Spaghetti with meat sauce (with pressure canning instructions)

Pan-seared swordfish

We decided to be adventurous tonight. I picked up some delicious looking swordfish and decided to cook it up for dinner. We have definitely been on a fish kick lately due to our amazing local fish market. It’s funny how much we like fish now compared to the first time I ever made fish. People… Continue reading Pan-seared swordfish

Homemade chicken noodle soup

When someone is sick what is the first thing people tell you to do. Rest and drink soup. Now the resting part is easy, but opening up a can of chicken soup… thats full of sodium. More likely to make things worse, but thats just my opinion. Homemade chicken soup is so much healthier and… Continue reading Homemade chicken noodle soup