Linguini aglio e olio

IMG_4710I love pasta, can’t ya tell?! The other night we were kinda doing a fend for yourself night and I still wanted some good eats. I was craving pasta. I was craving garlic. I was craving Italy. So I decided to give the ole spaghetti agilo e olio a try. Basically its pasta, usually spaghetti but i used Linguini, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan all cooked together for a magical culinary treat. Its so simple and its so good. The ingredients are all things the majority of people already have in their homes. These are the ingredients for a single portion as it was fend for yourself night, double it for more:

  • 4 oz pasta ( I used linguini)
  • 2 cloves garlic sliced
  • 3-4 tbsp parsley
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • Salt and Pepper

For how good this is it should really be more complicated. Luckily it is not lol. sliceIMG_4705 your garlic into nice small slivers. Mine were a little more roughly chopped than I would have liked but I was really looking forward to eating, so my stomach wouldn’t let me concentrate on beautiful knife cuts.

The reason we are using our garlic in slivers instead of mincing it up into small pieces is we want to infuse our olive oil with the delicious garlicy flavor without burning the garlic and making the dish better. Minced garlic would cook way to fast. Garlic cut like this will take longer to cook, which will help release all the flavor and really add the flavor we want and we want garlic flavor!!!Have some beautifully salted water on the stove at a boil. You want to drop your noodIMG_4708les and then start the rest of the process at about the same time so once the noodles are done cooking everything will be ready to combine and plate.

Add your olive oil and garlic to a cold pan and turn it on medium. We do this to a cold pan so they heat up together and not burn the garlic. Its all about infusing that flavor! You want to have little bubbles forming around the garlic, but not bubbling to vigorously. Once they are a very light golden grown along the edges turn the stove off.

Now drain those cooked noodles really good and add it into the olive oil garlic mixture. give it all a good stir and add in some fresh parsley. I used dried, which you can use too, but fresh is always better. I was just out of it and didn’t realize it till after I started cooking.

IMG_4709All that needs to happen now is plate it and grate some delicious fresh parmesan cheese on top. Thats it! I wish I had more steps to tell you to do but you’re done! I was eating it and hubby saw what I had while he was eating a hot pocket. You could see the jealousy on his face. I let him try a bite and he said he “loved how simple and delicious the pasta was”. Give this recipe a try, its worth the whole 15 minutes it takes to cook and is so good. Enjoy!


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