Pan-seared swordfish

IMG_2124We decided to be adventurous tonight. I picked up some delicious looking swordfish and decided to cook it up for dinner. We have definitely been on a fish kick lately due to our amazing local fish market. It’s funny how much we like fish now compared to the first time I ever made fish. People used to tell me that you’d know if you liked fish once you tried tilapia which I stupidly believed… That is not true. I thought I hated fish, but I actually just disliked tilapia. I really love fish, but specific types that are properly cooked. Swordfish is now on our “I like fish” list. Hubby also approved which was great as I’m always trying to get him to be adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. As I said before in my salmon recipe, I like to keep fish simple. So this recipe will be kinda similar but different haha. Here’s what I used.

*2 swordfish steaks
*2 Tbsp butter
* paprika
* garlic
* tarragon
* parsley
* salt and pepper

Basically very simple to make. Chop up your garlic into chunks. You wanna keep it chunky so the garlic doesn’t burn in the pan and will infuse the butter with some delicious garlic flavor.



Cut the butter into small chunks so it will melt a lot faster. Put the butter into a cold pan and melt it then add the garlic. Let them kinda infuse together and once it’s brought up to temperature put the swordfish into the pan.


Top the swordfish with salt, pepper, paprika, tarragon, and parsley. The fish will tell you when it needs to be flipped. It will begin to turn white from the bottom up and once it’s about 3/4 white, carefully flip and cook another 2-3 minutes.

The flavor is delicious. I served it with some steamed peas and hubby’s favorite macaroni and cheese. It was fast and everything was done in about 20 minutes. If you can find some fresh swordfish it’s worth a try. Enjoy!


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