Crispy skinned salmon and broiled scallops

IMG_1958I made a trip to my local fish market as I was having withdrawal and needed a fresh fish fix. Decided tonight was a perfect night for salmon! Now when I make fish, it needs to be as fresh as possible, and the guy we go to gets fresh fish in pretty much every day so its very fresh and flavorful. I honestly used to hate fish, but that was only because I didn’t know there was a difference between the frozen stuff at the supermarket and the fresh good quality stuff you can find at a good local fish market. If you can find one, I highly recommend going and giving it a shot. It will change your fishy world! So I went to the fish market and picked up some salmon for myself, a piece of cod for my hubby, and 4 scallops. Hubby loves salmon. I feel like he loves salmon almost as much as he loves me which is saying something, but unfortunately he cannot eat it because he has a mild allergy to it and it makes his throat really itchy. He had a pouty face on when I told him I was making salmon for myself and not torturing his allergies by serving it to him as well. Don’t get the wrong idea.. He loves the cod too… but its just not salmon haha. So heres what you need for some amazing salmon.

  • 8oz of salmon
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • tarragon
  • parsley

and for the scallops

  • scallops
  • 1/2 stick of butter
  • salt & pepper

Get a good sized pan out and heat it up to medium heat. Coat your salmon in olive oil and put it in the pan skin side down once the pan is hot. Now leave it alone. There is no time frame I can tell you as when I cook salmon I let the salmon tell me when its time to be flipped. Let it cook about 2/3 the way before you flip it. Before you flip it though top it with a little salt, pepper, tarragon, and parsley. I love tarragon on fish. It literally pairs perfectly. yum yum yum. Here are some pics of the cooking and flipping process.IMG_1942-1


After you flip the salmon I give it another 2-3 minutes until just the very center is still pink. better to undercook than to overcook. Simple and delicious. It should flake apart and taste like pure salmony magic. Plus the crispy skin… Oh my! Best part!!! Now onto the scallops… I loveeee scallops! Almost as much as hubby loves salmon. Lucky for me I’m not allergic and can eat as many scallops to my hearts delight. My absolute favorite is bacon wrapped scallops because.. well.. bacon…. wrapped… scallops. need I say more? Tonight is just regular broiled scallops though. So first step with the scallops is to make sure you get nice plump fresh scallops. just like with fish, the fresher the better.. thats like just seafood law. Once you picked out some nice scallops and have brought them home pat them dry and take off their “tab” as I call it. Its this little extra musculary flap that can be kinda tough on the scallop. Just grab it and pull off. It will come off easy. IMG_1943

After you take that off. Get your broiler going and melt half a stick of butter. Sprinkle a touch of pepper and some salt on both sides of your scallop and once everything it up to temp coat each side in the melted butter.



Once they have been in for about 6-8 minutes take them out and serve! I like to take and drizzle the extra butter light over the scallops and salmon for a touch of flavor.


So thats really it. A lot of people think cooking salmon or any fish for that matter can be really hard, but its truly not. As I said before undercooked is better than overcooked. Keep it simple, If you have good quality product. Let the seafood speak for itself with flavor and keep the seasoning light. I try not to do a lot of crazy sauces or extras onto my seafood… besides bacon on my scallops, but thats like heaven in your mouth so thats an exception. Herbs, butter, salt and better.. perfection combo to any type of seafood. Don’t worry Ill be back with even more fish recipes soon, Im heading back to the fish market very soon. They are getting some delicious black seabass in shortly!! Hope this recipe is as delicious for you as it was for me. Enjoy!!


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