Canned tomato soup quickie

IMG_1918So tonight I’m sick. I have absolutely no voice, but lucky for you I don’t need a voice to blog. I could not go out to the store to make my normal homemade chicken noodle soup or to really buy anything for dinner so I went digging in my pantry. In my pantry is an assortment of spices and cans of tomatoes as I make pasta, soups, sauces, and as much as I can from scratch. I actually just bought a pressure canner so soon those cans of tomatoes will no longer be store bought either, I’ll update once I start that adventure I’m kinda nervous lol. Ok back to tonight though, while rummaging through my spices and canned tomatoes I spy with my little eye a single family size can of Campbell’s tomato soup. Tonight… We feast! Now the cook in me cannot just open this can and serve it as is, I need to spice it up a bit and I know just the thing. I’m going to turn this simple can of tomato soup into a semi homemade tomato bisque with basil and fresh Parmesan. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?! Here are the ingredients!

*1 family size can of tomato soup
*1/2 cup cream
*3-4tbsp basil
* 1/4 cup grated Parmesan
* salt and pepper

Simple ingredients that will make you look like you took at least a few hours on this and really you took a few minutes.

Basically all you have to do is empty the can of tomato soup into a sauce pan and add the cream and stir till its incorporated over about medium heat.



Once that’s incorporated all you have to do is add the basil and parm. You can use already grated parm but grating it yourself is so much better. Grate your own cheese, it’s worth it I promise!!!!


So once it’s all incorporated it’s done! It was that easy and you will seem pretty fancy. I normally don’t like shortcuts but sometimes you just gotta do… What Ya gotta do. Regardless though it looks like the hubby doesn’t mind he took the sauce pan and started eating it… Only my husband lol, I’ll keep him though! Enjoy everyone!!



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