Homemade pasta

IMG_1364So here is my first post that actually has a recipe included!! What may you ask am I making? PASTA!!! Everyone loves pasta. whats better than making your favorite pasta dish? Making it with FRESH HOMEMADE pasta!!!! The taste is better, the texture is better, everything about pasta… just better! Heres what your going to need.

  • 2 cups flour (I use 1 1/2 all purpose and 1/2 semolina) plus extra for dusting
  • 3 eggs (preferably organic for better flavor)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • pinch of salt
  • touch of water

There are many way you can make the pasta. Stand mixer, food processor, or even by hand using the “birds nest” method. I use a stand mixer. My stand mixer has become my best friend and I’m mildly obsessed with it. I add the flour and salt.  Remember when you measure your flour to level it. Mix it a bit then slowly add eggs one at a time and incorporate them into the flour, add olive oil then water as needed a tsp at a time. You will want the dough to be smooth but not sticky. Add a touch of flour or water depending if its to dry or to wet.



Same concept applies using the other methods. Unfortunately I do have pictures of those methods but they are simple. The food processor you just throw all the ingredients into the processor, press start, add water or flour as needed to get the consistency your looking for. Boom. Done. The “birds nest” method you put the flour on the countertop, form it into a nest (high sides with a shallow center), add wet ingredients into the center of the nest and mix it, slowly incorporating it all until its a big mess, keep working it until it looks like a ball of dough. It may look ugly and weird but just stick with it, it’ll come together!

Once you get the dough together. Knead it for about 5 minutes on the countertop. After its a kneaded, cover it with a light dusting of flour and wrap it in plastic wrap, let it rest for a good 30 minutes. It needs to rest or you’ll have a hell of a time getting the dough to roll for you.



30 minutes later….

Yay!! Doughs ready! One step closer to delicious fresh pasta! Hope your sauce and taste buds can handle this!!! There are 2 ways to do this. Either a pasta dough roller or by hand. The roller is a fast and easy way to do this. Invest in one if your family eats a lot of pasta. It will pay off. Either way Ill break down both methods for you.

First off you need to do this in sections so the dough doesn’t dry out. I usually cut the dough into fourths and ALWAYS cover the parts I’m not working with up with plastic wrap or a damp kitchen towel. If your doing this by hand skip the next paragraph haha.


pick up one of the dough pieces put some flour on it and flour on your roller. flatten the dough in your hands as pass it through the machine. fold the dough in thirds and do it again two more times. At this point turn your dial to the next setting and pass the dough through the roller till about the 4th or 5th setting depending on how thin you like your pasta. Once this is done, dust it in some flour. Put the dough sheet on either a pasta rack, plastic hanger or a floured cookie sheet. If the dough will be touching other pasta dough, you need to flour so the sheets don’t stick together. At this point roll out all the dough, let it dry about 10 minutes, then run the sheets through either a fettuccine or spaghetti cutting attachment and hang to dry again for another 15 minutes.


This is the “by hand” method.  Which unfortunately I do not have photos for as well. If you did the stand mixer method, skip this paragraph. So this is pretty simple. on a lightly floured surface. roll the sections of dough into a rectangle. Fold into thirds roll into another rectangle, and repeat two more times.  Now roll into a rectangle again as thin as you possibly can. like as thin as you can get, about 1 millimeter. Coat with the sheets with flour and use a very sharp knife and cut individual noodles. 1/4 inch for fettuccine and about a 1/4 of that for spaghetti. hang it on a pasta rack or floured cookie sheet and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Now we cook!! Have a nice pot of boiling salted water ready. Add your pasta and cook 2-3 minutes for fettuccine or 1-2 for spaghetti. You’ll know when it floats to the top. drain it then toss with your favorite pasta sauce. Always add your pasta to the sauce and mix!! You can reserve some of the pasta water and add it to your sauce to help thicken it up. This all sounds much more complicated than it is. I promise… but still …YAY!! you just made homemade pasta. Now go eat!!!

Happy Eating!


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